Howies Waterloo

Our flagship restaurant Howies Waterloo remains  open 7 days a week.
Restricted hours from 11.30 until 6pm and no booze but other than that….it’s business as usual!

Lara and team are looking forward to welcoming you in to enjoy our new Autumn menu all the seasonal goodies you expect from your local restaurant.

At this time of year we all need a virtual hug as we are not able to give a real one,  and to this end we have launched the Howies Roast on a Sunday. Mmmmm.  BOOK NOW

The Roast will vary, from Scottish Beef to Scottish Lamb for the meat eaters and a deliciously bespoke Vegetarian Roast for those who prefer not to eat meat.

The accompaniments are staying the same week to week,  the main reason being we are all hooked on these extraordinary Yorkshire puds….just look at these little beauties and tell me you’re not licking your lips.

Tier 3 is where we stay for the moment so our opening hours remain 11.30am until 6pm.


During the rollercoaster that is November 2020 in Edinburgh we have temporarily closed Howies Victoria Street.