Well as the weather has collapsed into the unavoidable vortex of Scottish winter here at Howies we are in full flow with our Christmas menus.

It takes months and months of planning before hand to line up the quantity and quality of food we want you to enjoy.

There are meetings with chefs, managers, staff, customers before we have our list of potential dishes. The shortlist is cooked up then tasted by us all before the final decision of what goes on the menu this year is drawn up.

Looking at the logistics of creating the dishes in the numbers required at this time of year is quite a feat as this is without a doubt the busiest month of our year.

Every member of staff from the Head chef to pot washer, office administration to managers and suppliers are working full steam ahead to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you when your come in for your festive celebrations.

Every year we have a post mortem about how it all went and the over riding thing we learnt year after year is that, despite the long hours, the sore feet and the relentless whirl of clattering plates and party going singsongs – we loved it!

The atmosphere of sparkly trees, Christmas presents, crackers, parties of jubilant friends, colleagues and families just fills Howies with an intangible atmosphere of joy. The perfect atmosphere to work in.

So if you are coming our way over the next few weeks – know that it will be busy but we are really looking forward to seeing you and joining in with gusto by making sure you have a day or night to remember.

And if you’re heading out afterwards here’s the place to find out all about what’s on in Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s Christmas.