After we had refurbished Waterloo it was ti to turn our attentions to Victoria Street. Just before the fringe and Festival the doors shut one night and the refurb team moved in. They stripped out the floor, the kitchen, the redundant extractors, the buckled wood and dated decor. The upholsters moved in to build us banquette seating, the painters ditched the violent blue in favour of Scottish heathery hues mixed with chalky whites and splashes of colour. The bathrooms were ripped out and they started again. They made the Gents the Ladies and the Ladies the Gents. The bar was painted, polished and brought to a bright shine as were the smiles of the team as they saw their beloved Howies Victoria Street regain the vim and vigour which had been worn down over many years.


All is done now with the exception of the exterior and that will be happening very soon indeed.