As you know both our Edinburgh Howies are steeped in history – Waterloo being a Georgian building and Victoria Street being medieval so we do get a few requests for from TV & film companies to use our Restaurants as backdrops. We have had an American food Show and Japanese TV in the past few months but one from our shores we are looking forward to seeing soon is Dinner Date.

It’s an ITV show.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it? It consists of one guy or girl looking for love and 5 people who want to be their date. The candidate whose going to pick their partner reads the menus of 5 possible dates and without meeting them they choose the three menus that appeal to them most. On that basis off the menu alone they go to have dinner with each one of the three in turn, after which they have to judge the person and their food.


East Lothian lobster – a well known aphrodisiac.


Firstly it will be fascinating to see whose taking part – as we all know Edinburgh is a village so someone is going to know someone! And we are all in a state of excitement because the person they get on with most gets sent out for a romantic dinner at a lovely restaurant and in the Edinburgh episode guess where the hot date was? Yes Howies Waterloo! Tempting though it was to stand and watch how well the couple got on we were subtle and mature and left them with plenty of privacy between courses to get to know each other better. Suffice to say we cannot wait to see the program!

We will keep you posted so you can see it too – and see if you know any of the people taking part.

And if you fancy a go yourself then click here or email: dinnerdate@hattrick.com

They’re looking for the next lot.

Great fun.Twitter: @ITVDinnerDate