Jeepers!  Christmas is just around the corner – again! How did that happen? 12 months seem to go in a flash! Our Christmas decorations went up on 1st December and our lunches and dinners are already being enjoyed by lots of paper hat wearing, cracker pulling, happy smiling customers which is lovely to see.


Now if you just thought ‘Bah Humbug” then you will be relieved to know we are still serving our set price lunches – though in a more restricted choice – as some of us mere mortals have work to do, soup to drink, meetings to attend and do not want to be faced with a roast turkey option every time we go out for lunch in December.

We are also gearing up to do a major refurbishment in Howies in Aberdeen. This year saw Victoria Street getting the overhaul treatment, last year Howies Waterloo and January 2015 Aberdeen will be transformed. We are very excited about it and will be closing the doors just after New Year for 3 weeks until the 23rd January when we will open with a bang!

Now off to stare at paint colours and get it all lined up – the world of the restaurant is never dull!

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