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We are honed and ready for the onslaught of Edinburgh Festival. For the first time this year the Fringe and the Festival are perfectly aligned so from 7th – 31st August, running right alongside each other,  the biggest arts festival in the world is on our doorstep.

We will be open and serving all day as we realise shows and friends and the cacophony of life that is Edinburgh in August demands it. Our menu is as ever fresh and local and ever changing to keep up with the demands …

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We are excited and delighted to be part of Boxsmall!  Edinburgh’s very own designer Street Market in the  heart of Princes Street right next to The Balmoral Hotel on the roof of Princes Mall by Waverely Station.
We are serving food and drinks from 10a every morning until 7pm in the evening. When it’s cold enjoy some haggis, neeps and tatties and if it’s warm one of our delicious salad options with a glass of wine. We have lots to offer not least big smiles and warm welcome. Do …

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As you know both our Edinburgh Howies are steeped in history – Waterloo being a Georgian building and Victoria Street being medieval so we do get a few requests for from TV & film companies to use our Restaurants as backdrops. We have had an American food Show and Japanese TV in the past few months but one from our shores we are looking forward to seeing soon is Dinner Date.

It’s an ITV show.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it? It consists of one guy or girl …

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So, there goes Christmas for another year! Fast wasn’t it?

Now the focus is making the most of Hogmanay for many Scots the biggest day of the year.

We are open throughout the jollifications in Edinburgh including 1st January.

This is primarily because last year we walked around Edinburgh looking for somewhere to eat and hardly anywhere was open. So we will be in on the 1st January and if you fancy some hoot food, a big smile and great hospitality you know where to head .


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Well as the weather has collapsed into the unavoidable vortex of Scottish winter here at Howies we are in full flow with our Christmas menus.

It takes months and months of planning before hand to line up the quantity and quality of food we want you to enjoy.

There are meetings with chefs, managers, staff, customers before we have our list of potential dishes. The shortlist is cooked up then tasted by us all before the final decision of what goes on the menu this year is drawn up.

Looking …

Coburg House Open Studios

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Edinburgh has so much going on at this time of year it’s hard to know where to start! This weekend – 6th & 7th December – the Coburg House Studios have their open weekend.

This is a collection of artists, jewellers, textile designers, potters, sculptors, fashion designers and every other creative pursuit you can imagine who work in this literal honeycomb of studios on Coburg Street in Leith.

It is perfect timing for the dreaded Christmas shopping. Give a few hours over to meandering round as there is …

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Jeepers!  Christmas is just around the corner – again! How did that happen? 12 months seem to go in a flash! Our Christmas decorations went up on 1st December and our lunches and dinners are already being enjoyed by lots of paper hat wearing, cracker pulling, happy smiling customers which is lovely to see.


Now if you just thought ‘Bah Humbug” then you will be relieved to know we are still serving our set price lunches – though in a more restricted choice – as some of us mere …

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Was at the market on Saturday and met a lovely Italian guy who was selling truffles from Italy. My snout honed in on them fast. Wow they were fabulous.

His family have been truffle hunters in Italy for years and his Dads dog has just had a litter of pups so he is taking a couple of the truffling pups over here to explore the Scottish countryside in the hope there are some of the elusive truffles lurking in the damp dank undergrowth.


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“Seasons of mellow fruitfulness…” I read that as a reluctant school child and it meant nothing. Rolling around in the hills of East Lothian at the weekend easing plums from trees groaning with low hanging  plumptious, yellow, rosy plums it meant everything. Scrambling about gathering the fallen plums, nudging a branch as dozens of ripe plums thundered down on our sticky heads and climbing rickety ladders to ease a few more off their branches was living the good life idyll.

These beauties are all grown in a neglected orchard which …

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Taking a wonderful old building and stripping it of it’s our of date, dated decor is a big job but not one see shied away from. who needs patterned wallpaper on a great airy Georgian hall wall? Exactly no=one. So the decorators games clattering in at midnight and the transformation began.…

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